Simply Natural Facial Scrub Review

First things first, exfoliating is one of my top tips in terms of beauty regime – well, this and masking come in very close proximity. Essentially, exfoliating allows you to slough away the dead skin to reveal your new, healthy skin underneath. Imagine sanding away a rough surface of a piece of wood to reveal the beautiful smooth grain underneath. No matter what your beauty habits if you do not exfoliate, your skin will be prone to being dull and will lack luminosity. Additionally you can be prone to blocked pores if you don’t scrub that dead skin away. I would say twice a week of a good exfoliation will leave you with a luminous and youthful glow.

Scrub 1

Onto the product in question: Simply Natural Facial Scrub. Made from just 4 ingredients – coconut oil, sugar, lemon essential oil and grapefruit essential oil you literally can’t go wrong with this natural wonder. This sweet little pot of 100% naturally derived face scrub is good enough to eat – yes, you could literally eat it (a testimony to its’ natural goodness might I add).

The Verdict?

The texture of this product is incredibly blissful on your face! There is a good grit (a MUST for an exfoliator, I believe) so you really feel the exfoliating power. The coconut oil makes the sugar melt into a soft liquid that softens your face immediately – good bye winter dryness.

Scrub 2

Would I buy this again? Yes – but only in winter

In order to get the best out of this product I would advise two things:

  • Use it at night only – it’s far too moisturising for the day
  • Do not use a moisturiser after using this exfoliator – again, it is extremely moisturising

Any cons?

If you have very oily skin I would recommend you use a face wash after you use this product. As it is made with pure coconut oil it provides rich moisture to the skin which is perfect in the dry winter months however it can leave a very thin layer of oil on the skin, which will not be good for those with oily skin  already.

Where to buy? My fav online organic store:



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