A cuppa “moer koffie!”

It was one of my most memorable local holidays to date, a trip to Plettenberg bay. On the way from George airport to Plett we stopped in two towns. The first town was the Wilderness, whose golden sand beaches and steep cliffs seemed to stretch on for kilometers, it was whimsical.The second town we stopped through was Knysna. To say I was excited to go there is an understatement – I was ecstatic. One destination ticked off my local bucket list! And yes, it lived up to all the hype.

There are so many stories to tell from this holiday (don’t worry, I will share these in future posts) however this story is all about a charming little fishery, exceptionally well known in the area, called Freshline Fisheries.

Set up like a beach restaurant, you literally sit with your toes in beach sand – who doesn’t like bare feet on soft fluffy sand?! The smell of the sea lingers through the air while fresh fish is being cooked inside. Their décor is that of a ship wreck island, with fishing nets and an old fishing boat.

Love it.

Albeit being summer there was a fine, soft drizzle and it was a tad chilly, so we started by ordering a cup of coffee from the friendly waiter. When this coffee arrived it was not the kind of coffee we had expected…


Introducing the “moer koffie”, a South African classic! Directly translated from Afrikaans “moer koffie” quite literally means coffee that has been smashed or beaten into oblivion. It’s made by crushing the coffee beans, boiling them over a stove with water and then straining the coffee before serving, resulting in a deliciously strong and tasty cuppa. Yum!

Lunch consisted of a variety of amazing seafood, freshly fished from the ocean. I believe one should only eat seafood in coastal towns, so we made sure we made the most of the experience. We ordered the most delish scallops for starters, how beautiful are these?


This was my first time trying scallops and boy was I thrilled that I did.

Mains consisted of tender, perfectly grilled prawns, vegetable spicy rice and a grilled calamari/squid mix with a zingy tartar sauce. Of course I squeezed a good splash of lemon juice over it all before I dug in.

Hello seafood HEAVEN…


This is a unique, one of a kind restaurant that has definitely made my list of top seafood restaurants in the South Africa. I would go back again and again and I plan on doing so next time I am in the area. I cannot fault the experience at all…except for the fact that it was a cold and drizzling summers day– thank you Knysna.

Check out their website here . If you are ever in the area make sure you pay this Knysna gem a visit!




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