Golden wonder oil

I am a huge advocate of looking after your skin and the purer, more natural the product the better for you and the environment!  I will always choose natural over chemicals, especially because I come from place where I used to have terrible skin that broke out all the time and was annoyingly oily and sensitive. It was a mess. The more drug store products I tried the worse it became because the chemicals in many brands did not agree with my skin and caused further damage.

I am convinced that I’ve found the most effective eye treatment for keeping my eye area youthful! One thing to note would be that I do have rather sensitive skin, especially around my eyes.  I have tried so many eye creams and serums in the past and they have quite frankly done nothing but burn the skin under my eyes or leave my eyes puffy, sensitive and worse off than they were. After finding this gem and testing it properly for a good few months I decided that I would never need to use another nasty, chemical fueled eye cream again.

This is one of the best eye treatments I have ever used!

Introducing, brace yourselves….*drum roll*


The humble and pure Baobab oil by Eco Products.

It doesn’t get greener than this guys. Just one ingredient.  The baobab used to produce this oil is farmed in a sustainable way that is not harmful and ensures the conservation of these beautiful trees. Tick!

It is not tested on animals and contains no nasties.


That is a thing of beauty!

Not only have I used this for eyes but I have used this powerful golden oil for a number of other things:

  • A few drops on the ends of your hair for super moisturised ends (goodbye dry, frazzled hair)
  • Dabbed all over my face straight after a shower for a luxurious, skin loving treatment or for when my skin feels really dry in winter
  • On mosquito/insect bites and burns (it’s a great anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory)
  • As a cuticle moisturiser
  • Added a few drops to my regular moisturiser for an all over body treatment

It really is multi-use wonder oil – thank you mother nature!

How to use?

Straight after I wash my face, I spray two squirts into my hands and using my index finger I gently dab the oil under both eyes. This is also a fantastic moisturiser for eyebrows and lashes too so I make sure I apply the remaining oil on the whole eye area. I massage the skin gently until most of the oil is absorbed.

*Contrary to popular belief about skin oils, it absorbs super quickly and does not leave the skin oily at all.*

The verdict?

For under eye wrinkle busting and keeping the skin plump and youthful it is absolutely perfect. It keeps the eye area and the rest of your face perfectly moisturised in both winter and summer months (I have used this right through both seasons).

I will make sure that I always have a bottle on hand as I really couldn’t imagine running out of this stuff. This is definitely one of my cult “can’t live without” organic products.

LOVE it!

Where to buy? My fav online organic store faithful-to-nature. You can also go to the Eco Products website to find a supplier.

Have you got any favourite oils you can’t live without?




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