A cuppa Qi Organic White Tea and Goji Berry

I absolutely hate winter! It is my ultimate irritation in life. Freezing weather, wrapping up in hundreds of layers and having to stay in doors to keep warm are not on my list of favourite things. Being the middle of winter in Joburg and having just gone through a cold front I can confidently say that my winter hatred is at its peak!

Alas, there is one thing I do absolutely LOVE about winter – tea.  Tea has that magical way of adding a glimmer of comfy nostalgia to my day and I revel in the opportunity to try new, weird and wonderful kinds.

I am pretty much tea obsessed. Currently I have at least ten different variations in my pantry, and I plan to share my thoughts on the best ones with you so you can enjoy them too! After all, great tea should be shared with world and shouted from rooftops!

Wrapped up in my warmest blanket on this cool winter morning I’ve finally taken some time out to browse through a magazine and sip on a cuppa tea – can’t get better than that. While drinking tea I like to meditate on the week’s happenings and reflect on how I am feeling that day, it’s bliss. This time is needed.

So today I’m sipping on a cuppa Organic White Tea with Goji  Berries.  YUM!

tea 3

tea 2

tea 4

This tea is smooth, light, delicate and naturally quite sweet. The sweetness tastes similar to that of dried cranberries. There is a familiar herbal after taste that lingers after every sip. This particular tea is from Qi Teas whom make a variety of delicious, organic fair trade teas.

So what are goji berries?

Goji Berries are native to China and are said to be a super food that date back thousands of years, with original use in Chinese medicine. They are loaded with carotene which has great effects on the skin as well as being a great source of vitamin C which is perfect in this icy weather.  Additionally they are a fantastic source of anti-oxidants. Bring on the immune boosters!

How to drink?

As the tea is a white tea it does take longer to release flavour than a black tea would, so let it seep for at least 5min and enjoy it without any sugar or milk.

I will definitely be buying this one again and I can already think of the amazing iced tea recipes I’m going to create this in summer…

I bought this tea on here for R38 – a real winning cuppa I’d say!



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