Read my green lips – Wema lip balms

Those of you who live through dry winters, like those of Johannesburg, will know the scathing irritation of dry skin and lips during the winter months.

There’s nothing more satisfying than picking up that trusty lips balm and feeling that incredible relief from the dry weather on your lips…and then…ten minutes later your lips are irritatingly dry, AGAIN! There is nothing worse!  What the heck is going on?

What I find most bizarre is that most of the lip ice and balms out there require multiple applications throughout the day and result in drier lips than you had before. Nothing seems to work.

There is a reason why this happens! Some of these reasons being:

  • Your lips become dependent on one of the chemicals in the product which results in the relief only lasting as long as the product is on your lips
  • The tingling feeling you get in some balms are from certain chemicals which actually cause peeling of the lip layers causing them to be more sensitive to the element’s, thus becoming more dry
  • The chemicals in the product can cause adverse reactions or allergies to your skin

The key thing here is to stay away from lip balms with long lists of chemicals and ingredients. Stay away from ingredients such as parabens, silicones, phenol, menthol or salicylic acid. All of these ingredients can cause allergic reactions such as lip swelling, redness and increased sensitivity.

So in the search to find a lip balm that is natural I stumbled across a brand that sells softening lip balms that are simple, no fuss and kind. They are super cheap (surprisingly) and they do the job well. You will only need to apply these a few times a day to maintain soft, chap free lips – and they have zero harmful chemicals. Tick!

Say ‘hello’ to…Wema lip balms!

lip balm 2

lip balm 3

These charming little balms are made in South Africa, are organic, vegan and fabulous! They are packaged in beautiful re-usable tins that close nice a snug, so popping them into your hand bag won’t be a problem. I tried the Vanilla and the Orange variations and have been so chuffed with the quality of the product and the results after using them. My favourite of the two would be the vanilla as the texture of the balm is slightly smoother than that of the orange.

The ingredients consist of vegetable soy wax, shea butter and essential oils- that’s it! Nothing but GOODNESS baby!

Usually by this time of year, being the middle of winter, my lips are as dry as desert cactus. Since using these balms I have had zero dry lip issues. Happiness!

I’m going to stock up on these and pop one into every handbag to make sure I never leave home without it.

Where to buy?  Faithful-to-nature @ just R17 a balm. This is an amazing price for something SO good! See, being green isn’t always expensive.

Other flavours available include mint.

You can also find these balms and other Wema products on their website.

Love it!




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