Change, it is necessary!

It feels like a lifetime since I last wrote anything on this blog (it’s been 3 years!) and in some ways, it has been a ‘lifetime’. It’s been a lifetime in learnings, and I have changed. Change is beautiful, if you are not changing then you are not moving! It isn’t easy though, it takes work. More importantly, it takes consistent work over time.

I have always found it strange when someone refers to another and states negatively, “oh he/she is not the person I knew when we first met, he/she has changed!” and at this point the expectation is that we are supposed to be shocked and horrified that the person had changed.

How can this be? Of course they have changed, you are certainly not the same person you were 5 years ago – you have been through experiences, challenges and life altering moments.

So what’s changed in 3 years? Since I last posted on acuppachristie I have travelled, I have had wonderful holidays and amazing, meaningful experiences with the ones close to me. I have lost great friends and I have made new ones. I completed my master’s degree. I married my best friend. I finally understand a little about what it means to really put someone ‘s needs before my own, and I am still learning. I have also begun to really understand who I am underneath all the layers that life has bestowed on me – maybe that’s what happens when you’re nearing 30? I stopped smoking after many, many years of being addicted. I bought a home with my partner and we bashed it to the ground and rebuilt it. I am starting to learn how to be as kind and forgiving to myself as I am to others. There are many things that have changed, and now, I have a new found energy, purpose and direction.

In saying this, acuppachristie will take on a slightly new lens, in the direction of the flow of life that I am currently in. I am going to focus on topics about self-development, happiness, self-realisation, rituals, habits, mindfulness, well-being, purpose and love. The aim is to empower you with the tools you may need or alternative ways of thinking, for you to navigate this wonderful life, and in turn to help you be the best human that you can be.

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