Hi there,

Thanks for stopping by. I started this blog a couple of years ago with the intention to speak about my love for sustainable green living and food. Little did I know that I would only find the real purpose of this blog years later.

I took a break from the blog when I began my master’s studies and what I can say for sure is that I have changed and that I am not the person I was 3 years ago, last week or yesterday. I have had meaningful experiences with the ones close to me. I have lost friends and I have made new ones. I completed my master’s degree. I married my best friend. I have also begun to really understand who I am underneath all the layers life has bestowed on me. I have stopped smoking after being addicted for many years. I am starting to learn how to be as kind and forgiving to myself as I am to others. There are many things that have changed, and now, I feel an energy inside of me pushing me to use these learnings and share them with others.

The focus of acuppachristie now will be to inspire you to be the best human that you can be!

Self-development, happiness, well-being, mindfulness, purpose, habits and love. ❤